You long for balance in your life.

You want to have a bountiful, natural lifestyle.

And as the years pass, you want to age gracefully.

Welcome to Wonders Wellness.

Here you will find rich resources

for natural products, services, and support

so that you can lead the balanced, holistic lifestyle you long for.


success coach for women
success coach for women
success coach for women

I'm Lynn Louise Wonders

Holistic Life Coach,

Licensed Professional Counselor,

Canfield Certified Trainer

Experienced-Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Certified Aromatherapist


When it comes to your health, life, relationships and career, I believe it is essential to infuse every day with quality, natural products, nutrition, daily habits and holistic connections.

I use my 25 years of passionate experience with teaching about holistic, natural lifestyle along with my 15 years as a holistic psychotherapist, utilizing emotional awareness training, stress management, meditation, yoga and self-care strategies to help women like you create a consistent self-care plan along with a plan for success for greater balance in all aspects of your life.

I have gathered a rich collection of resources, products and services that will support your choice to live a natural and holistic lifestyle.

Here's to your life balance and well-being!

Lynn Louise Wonders 



You can have balance in your life!

Let's set up a private 20 minute phone consultation at no cost so that we

can talk about what you need to have the natural, balanced life I know you are longing for.

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