27 Days of Healing & Balancing

Your spirit guides and my spirit guides are working together...

It's a journey that is PROFOUNDLY transformational!

It is a self paced journey....

Start when it's right for you.

Between sleep and wake, my Spirit Guides came to me  and provided me specific instructions for channeling and creating this 27 day journey of healing and balancing.

Every person who chooses to participate in receiving these transmissions with an open heart will receive a unique experience of powerful realignment, clearing, restoration and healing that speaks directly to what you most need on that given day.

The 27 transmissions are brief – 5 to 10 minutes -  each accompanied by a channeled light language symbol for each vocal transmission and then a channeled message in English with spiritual life guidance for that day’s session.

Here is little TASTE of what a light language transmission sounds like:


And here is a sample of a light language symbol: day 14

To read and understand more about the language of light please visit this page...

Whether you have experienced the power of the light language previously or have not yet had an opportunity, perhaps this is your time to receive the subtle but powerful transmission.

Your guides and my guides work together. As soon as you make a heart-felt commitment to participate with a receptive heart, your own guides merge with mine and all others into one council. The way this works is multidimensional, beyond what our human intellect can understand.

I enthusiastically accepted this project wanting to give it to all of you at no charge but I have been told there should be a small monetary investment in order to receive these transmissions. The number 27 was very clearly given to me for the number of transmissions AND the number of dollars I should request in exchange.

 You will receive a link every day for 27 days but you can take the journey in your own right timing.

Your investment is $97 for this 27 day journey.

Each day you will receive an email containing

  • simple guided instructions
  • your daily recording that includes a brief guided relaxation and a light language transmission session
  • a channeled symbol
  • a message from Spirit translated into English.
  • access to a dynamic, sacred community on Facebook where you can come and ask questions, share your experiences or simply connect with others on this journey.

Are YOU up for a 27 day journey of healing & balancing with the language of light and messages from the Spirit Guides?

Join me for a 27 day Journey!

$97 for 27 days

of healing & balancing transmissions

and inspirational guidance channeled from Spirit.