Fabulous Over 40!

45 Day Weight Release Program

for Women Over 40

Do you have 10 to 20 stubborn pounds you'd like to say goodbye to once and for all?

Want a structured, effective, healthy food plan that won't leave you hungry?

Willing to move your body and do two 10 minute gentle, SIMPLE yoga routines with my guidance daily?

Would you like some easy ways to manage stress and relax while you watch the weight melt away?

Got 45 days you can dig in and devote to releasing that weight and relaxing into life?

Ready to look and feel fabulous over 40?

Yes? Then this program is for YOU!

Many women wonder how to lose weight over 40. The truth is, losing weight over 40 gets harder in mid-life! I've got the formula and I'm here to share it with you today!

Here is what you get when you invest in 45 Days to Fabulous Over 40:

  • 2 structured, straightforward DELICIOUS daily food plan options:

A scrumptious Plant-Based food plan OR A yummy Animal Protein+Veggies food plan.

I provide you a detailed plan for 45 days that will keep you feeling satisfied while your body is able to shed excess weight

  • Weekly shopping lists organized for easy trips to the grocery store


  • A daily Move-Your-Body plan that is easy to build into your busy life
  • A ten minute gentle and very easy morning yoga routine

AND a ten minute evening yoga series you can download to your device

  • A daily guided relaxation plan

Including 2 downloadable audio files and a simple-to-follow guidebook


  • Checklist of tips and strategies to keep you on track!
  • A daily journal to track your food, water, exercise, yoga and how you FEEL along the way!
  • A 21 day AFTER-plan for your transition into LIFE that will help you never see those stubborn pounds return and maintain a healthy weight!
  • A comprehensive, simple, straightforward plan for you to RELEASE those stubborn pounds and keep them off!


I am so confident in this amazing program I have created that I will refund your money in full if after your 45 days on the program you don’t lose weight! If after completion of the 45 days you have not lost any weight, just send me a copy of your completed 45 day journal and I will happily refund your money![/hboxd]

This program is valued at $297 but as an introductory offer, I’ve decided to only charge $1/day.

Your investment for 45 Days to Fabulous Over 40 is only…

ONLY $45!

Order Your 45 Days to Fabulous Over 40 now!

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