A Simple Life: 30 Day Guided Program


a simple life

Are you longing to simplify your life?

Do you struggle with knowing how to untangle yourself from the complexities and chaos of life?

This 30 Day Guided Program called A Simple Life 

is the perfect path to helping you find your way.

How Does it Work?

For 30 days you set aside 30 minutes every morning for your simple life project.

As soon as you purchase your program you will be directed to a content access page for all of your 30 days of content.

You will download all your goodies into one convenient place on your computer.

Each day you will have a short inspirational paragraph to read or a guided meditation you will listen to on a topic that will be your focus for that day.

You will reflect on the content using the journaling prompt you are provided and you will set an intention for each day.

By the end of your 30 days you will have a clearer mind, new habits and a plan for your simple life.

mountains-1273853_1920How Much Does it Cost?

This program is only $29

$29 for 30 days of guidance on creating a simple life.


a simple life