If you are unwilling for age and mid-life to stop you from living a fantastic life from here, 

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It wasn't that long ago that I stood in my second child's empty bedroom at 1:00 am after he had moved out of the house earlier that day.

I didn't expect for it to hit me so hard. I cried more than I ever expected I would.

The first child had already flown from the nest and now my #2 child was no longer under my roof. Memories washed over me. Memories of rocking him as an infant, nursing his scraped knee, helping him with homework, comforting him when he had those bad dreams. We still had our third child in high school but there was something about that second child flying from the nest that hit me harder than I expected.

I had all my wellness support in place. I'd had tremendous success as a therapist and business owner over the years. All three of my kids were independent, confident and happy. What more could I ask for? And why was I crying?

I can see now that I was experience what some people call a mid-life crisis. Not in the way you think. No need for a sports car and no desire to have an affair! I was having a moment (or maybe a few days actually) of feeling some fairly intense feelings about who I was and what I am really here to do once I realized my parenting gig was coming to a close.

The great thing about a moment (or a day, week or even a month) of "crisis" is it's a time to examine, reexamine and discover a new way of relating to life, myself and the world around me.

That was the beginning of my work as a mid-life mentor. I believe in taking the sour lemons of life and turning them into sweet lemonade. And sweet lemonade I did make. Wonders Wellness Institute for Personal and Professional Growth took root and took off.

I am Lynn Louise Wonders. I am a certified and licensed professional with a Masters degree in psychology and counseling and over 15 years of rich experience as a holistic psychotherapist, yoga teacher and trainer providing personal and professional mentoring services for women over 40.

I, myself am 50 and I've lived a life rich with experiences that have helped me to relate and assist my mentoring clients.

I have started up 8 successful businesses since 1994 and now run a thriving wellness institute where I teach and lead women in midlife how to re-design their lives personally and professionally.

There is no reason for you to stay stuck in a life where you are unhappy and unfulfilled because there are solutions that will provide you relief, relaxation and fulfillment.

I have many tools to help you feel peace and freedom.

I am a guide, mentor and teacher providing inspirational support and training to help women like you move through life with greater joy, peace, ease and grace.

Licensed as a professional counselor and certified as a professional counseling supervisor in the state of Georgia, registered with Yoga Alliance as a certified and Experienced Yoga Teacher with over 20 years experience teaching and leading classes in mindfulness, self-worth, relaxation, meditation, personal growth and emotional healing along with coaching and training other therapists and helping professionals in business development, I have brought together all of my expertise in one place at Wonders Wellness Institute.

I share some of my own personal experiences in order for my students and mentoring clients to know that I relate on a human to human level.  The women who come to my workshops, classes and private sessions deeply appreciate knowing that my personal experiences have enriched my ability to provide powerful support.

I have worked through my own personal life challenges, received years of extensive training and I've experienced a lot of celebration and triumph in my 50 years. It is my joy to know that I am helping women like you through the pivotal points of life.

From my personal  and professional experiences, trials and successes I share with you many pearls of wisdom and practical tools for leading a rich life. Now, I am here to help YOU find balance in YOUR life, body mind spirit.women over 40

With a long running passion for holistic and natural approaches for mind, body, spirit health and vitality, I blend my traditional psychology training and 15 years of experience in professional counseling, my 24 years of training in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition and natural healing with a variety of research-based programs and products.

I am trained in many modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, advanced level couples and relationship techniques, human development, energy-psychology, emotional healing, somatic awareness healing, mindfulness cognitive therapy and many, many other ways to assist clients in personal growth and healing.

Wonders Wellness Institute for Personal and Professional Growth was founded on my sincere desire to help you live a more deeply satisfying life.

Every day I get to witness women like you grow, heal and transform. I am on a mission to help women all over the world.

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It is very important that you review my Terms and Conditions Statement AND my Disclaimer Statement regarding this website and my services. Wonders Wellness Institute is dedicated to teaching and mentoring services - separate and apart from psychotherapy services.

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