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What I've discovered in my 51 years on this planet is that SUSTAINABLE PEACE and HAPPINESS hinges on the quality of your life day in and day out. Burning the candle from both ends, working long hours without balance, without breaks is not going to work.

You MUST have a plan for daily, weekly, ongoing self-care in order to have the balance and joy you long for in your body, mind and your life. And you likely need someone to help, support and guide you in order for this plan to take root and be effective.

I created Wonders Wellness to provide this level of help, support and guidance for women just like you. I bring a variety of my own experience, training and expertise to the work I do.

  • Masters Degree in Psychology and Professional Counseling and have worked as a licensed psychotherapist for 15 years.
  • Registered and certified yoga and meditation teacher
  • Certified aromatherapist.
  • Certified Jack Canfield Trainer and Success Coach.
  • 20 years experience leading classes and working with clients through counseling, coaching and education.
  • Teacher of meditation and spiritual guide bringing forward compassionate, intuitive guidance, meditations designed to help with a variety of issues, and  informed, gentle support for women of all ages (but specializing in supporting women in mid-life) needing to develop plans for deep self care.

For 26 years I have been teaching and leading classes in mindfulness, self-worth, relaxation, meditation, personal growth and emotional healing along with years of mentoring and training therapists, coaches and helping professionals in business development. I provide spiritual education, support and guidance to thousands of spiritual seekers world-wide.

I have been fortunate and dedicated to having extensive training and I've experienced a lot of celebration and triumph in my 51 years. It is my joy to know that I am helping women like you through the pivotal points of life. Wonders Wellness Institute for Personal and Professional Growth was founded on my sincere desire to help you live a more deeply satisfying life.

I am on a mission to help women all over the world. You can read more from women who have worked with me and benefited from my programs to learn what the experience was like for them. I also believe deeply in observing seva by serving women in need in various ways. Learn more about how you can join me.

I would love to spend time with you discussing what's happening for you and how I can help you. Click "Let's Connect" to get started.

It is important that you review my Terms and Conditions Statement AND my Disclaimer Statement regarding this website and my services. Wonders Wellness Institute is dedicated to teaching and mentoring services - separate and apart from psychotherapy services.

I look forward to working with you!

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P.S. Let's set up a private 20 minute phone consultation at no cost to discuss what you need to have the natural, balanced life I know you are longing for.

After years of working as a holistic psychotherapist and teacher of meditation and yoga, I noticed that nearly all the women I served had a longing to have more balance in their lives. They needed support in creating a plan for self-care. Drawing from my own passion for natural living, healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, I created Wonders Wellness, LLC. I bring quality holistic products, educational resources and personalized support to women who want a richer experience of daily life.

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