Arise and Align

ARISE to the highest vibration that you are and ALIGN with your highest truth and knowing. . .

My friend and colleague, Astrologer Christina Caudill of Radiant Astrology encouraged and inspired me to create an offering utilizing the word ARISE.  .  .  

She saw a vision of a program that would lift and support women in utilizing ancient spiritual principles and practices to come into alignment with their higher, truest self in business, relationships and the path of life.

Beginning April 1 through May 15 I will be offering membership to a sacred circle called Arise and Align in which I will introduce and lead simple, gentle spiritual teachings based in the rich and ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono combined with the compassionate wisdom of the Kuan Yin and the playful blessings of Ganesha. I will bring forward light language symbols and transmissions as well.

Members will have an opportunity to receive these teachings, blessings and transmissions and participate in Q & A, discussion and community support.

I am inviting you to be a part of the Arise & Align 6 Week Membership Circle in exchange for a LOVE OFFERING of $21.

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