Coaching Mentoring & Counseling

In my roles as counselor, coach and mentor I find it is important to be able to help clients understand the differences between coaching, mentoring and counseling in order to best decide which service is the right fit.

Here are some definitions I have developed based on my understanding of the varying services I provide:

Coaching defined

The coaching relationship generally has a set duration, and is more that of a teacher and student with a focused agenda. The agenda is about achieving specific, immediate goals. Short-term and focused on specific skills to be learned and specific goals to be reached. Coaching is not regulated or restricted by licensing laws so I am able to provide coaching services for people all over the world. To learn more about my coaching services click HERE.

Mentoring defined

Mentoring is relationship based and tends to be a deeper and more long-term experience taking a broader view of the person being mentored. In mentoring the agenda is usually set by the mentee asking for specific guidance, with the mentor providing support and guidance to help them with their personal and professional development. Mentoring revolves more around developing the mentee as a whole person professionally.A mentor is normally more experienced and qualified than the ‘mentee’. Most often the mentor is senior to the mentee in the field of practice and is able to pass on knowledge, experience and even help the mentee make connections with others in the field. Mentoring is not limited by licensing laws so I am able to provide mentoring to professionals all over the world. To learn more about my mentoring services CLICK HERE.

Counseling defined

Counseling is another word for psychotherapy in which the practitioner must (by law) be licensed and/or supervised by a licensed mental health professional and must have at least a masters degree and sometimes a doctorate degree in the field of psychology and mental health. Counseling is a service provided to support the therapy client through an emotional healing and growth experience attending to symptoms of imbalance in thinking, emotions and behavior. Counseling is usually a longer term service and is something that can be provided only by a licensed professional who is licensed in the state the client resides. I am only licensed in Georgia so only provide counseling for residents of Georgia. If you reside in Georgia and want to discuss counseling services CLICK HERE.

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