For Women Over 40

Do you find yourself asking,

“Is this all there is?”

You're between ages 40 and 60.

You've successfully raised your kids.  They're out on their own. You'd like to know how to have a new kind of relationship with them now. But you still lie awake at night worrying about them and their future.

Now that the kids are grown and gone, sometimes feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you and you’re not sure what to do next?

Perhaps you've had a successful career, but you might be burned out or just no longer feeling fulfilled by your work. Many days it seems you just go through the motions in your work and you long for more.

You may be comfortable financially but you often feel physically, spiritually and emotionally drained.

Your love life is lack luster. You and your partner are stuck in a rut. The daily grind seems inevitable.

You try to eat right and exercise, and look your best, but at this stage of life, your body simply doesn’t drop weight like it used to. Maybe you don’t like what you see in the mirror.

Sometimes you lie awake at night wondering, "IS THIS ALL THERE IS?"

You're not alone.

Believe me. I know your struggles, intimately.

According to developmental psychology, people go through 8 stages of development in a life time.

Many women in the 7th developmental stage known as mid-life find themselves feeling stagnant.

Yet your heart longs to be living more purposefully.

Emptiness and lack of joy and fulfillment can become the norm.

Seeking fulfillment externally can feel futile and fruitless at this stage in life.

I have been exactly where you are and I can help you get to where you want to be.

It wasn't that long ago that I stood in my second child's empty bedroom at 1:00 am after he had moved out of the house earlier that day.

I didn't expect for it to hit me so hard. I cried. A lot more than I ever expected I would. I felt a hollow ache I couldn't explain.

The first child had already flown from the nest and now my #2 child was no longer under my roof. Memories washed over me.

I had all my wellness support in place. I'd had tremendous success as a therapist and business owner having started up and developed eight successful businesses since 1994.

All three of my kids were healthy,  independent, confident and happy. What more could I ask for? And why was I crying?

I was going through what many women in mid-life experience. An existential crisis of sorts. A pivotal point in time when the sights, sounds and events of my children’s lives were no longer there to anchor my daily life.

And to add insult to injury my body was adjusting to serious hormonal imbalance after having had a full hysterectomy. Menopause was upon me. I had to take action.

Using tools and strategies I developed over my many years of work and education as a therapist, armed with my understanding of the eight stages of human development, I was able to turn this intense moment of "crisis" into an opportunity to examine, reexamine and discover a new way of relating to life, myself and the world around me.

I was able to discover and develop true JOY! Inner fulfillment and peace!

I was able to turn things around.

And I have news for you.

This is NOT all there is.

You are not alone.

Your life DOES have tremendous meaning.

I want to help you see and experience the life you deserve to have.

That 1:00 am cry-fest in my son’s room was a pivotal moment for me. From there I discovered my true calling and the beginning of my work as a mid-life mentor.

Everything that I had done up to now led me to the work I truly was meant to do. (Funny how that happens, right?)  I believe in taking the sourest of lemons and turning them into sweet lemonade. And sweet lemonade I continue to make for myself and my clients!

I've worked with a lot of life coaches and several therapists over the years. I like to always be working on myself. What Lynn offers is so much deeper and farther than anything I ever experienced in working with all the life coaches and therapists I've hired over the years. It's real, true mentoring!

Lynn has an innate gift for sensing and seeing what is really going on at the root of my behaviors and choices and she TEACHES me how to see what is going on and how to do it differently in a way that sticks permanently. After working with Lynn for just one 8 week cycle of life-redesign sessions my entire life changed. I sold the house I'd been sitting on for years and found my dream cottage by the ocean. I started dating with a whole new plan and met my forever love. I quit the job I'd felt stuck in for 15 years and started my own business doing free-lance writing for magazines and I've got a publisher for my book I wrote and allowed to collect dust. Lynn's work is intuitive, efficient, and effective in so many ways. Lynn's mentoring takes you by the hand and guides you into the places you may have been avoiding but have needed to go into. I highly recommend you book in with Lynn before her waiting list is years long!

Jamie L., Florida

Now 50, having lived a life rich with experiences that have helped me to deeply relate to and assist my mentoring clients, and as a certified and licensed professional psychotherapist with a Masters degree in psychology and counseling and over 15 years as a holistic psychotherapist, yoga teacher and trainer, providing personal and professional mentoring services for women over 40, I know your unique needs like no one else.

I know what it takes to feel your life has meaning.

I want to help you get out of the rut, the loneliness, emptiness, and questioning if life can be more. I now run a thriving wellness institute where I teach and lead women in midlife – just like you-- how to create a life by design.

Wellness is about feeling whole and fulfilled in your mind, body and life.

There is no reason for you to stay stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled because there are solutions you can begin implementing TODAY that will give relief, help you relax and ease into this 7th developmental stage of life and achieve lasting fulfillment, self-love, and inner peace.

I highly recommend Lynn Louise Wonders as a wellness mentor.

Lynn was a one stop shop for me. She helped me come up with a design for my life, an action plan, she gave me articles and books and links to look at, she listened when I cried, she was gentle and kind and supportive but she also knew when to push me just enough to get me over the humps. She cares for real. I consider Lynn more than a mentor. She's been a great teacher for me when I was pretty much lost in terms of knowing how to take care of myself and take responsibility for my life.

Paula R.

Nashville, TN

I'm here to help you.


women in midlife

Lynn Louise Wonders, Midlife Mentor

I am Lynn Louise Wonders and I am a certified and licensed professional offering mentoring, guidance and learning opportunities for women who have spent their lives  taking care of others. I utilize my years of expertise in the field of psychology, the practice of mindfulness, meditation and gentle yoga as well as other holistic support services to teach and inspire women to create a mindful, holistic plan for daily life that ALIGNS body, mind and spirit for greater peace and vibrancy.


I understand that you're fed up

with feeling unhappy, tired, unhealthy...


I get it. I've been there. I have gathered all the keys to to having a balanced, fulfilling life over 40.

I'm not sure how she does it but Lynn has a very special gift for sensing and seeing beyond and beneath what most of us know and see. Her abilities enhance her skills as an advisor on lifestyle matters. When I went to Lynn I was mending a broken heart from my divorce. To the rest of the world I seemed like I had it all together and was super-strong - I presented as being well over my broken marriage. Lynn didn't buy this presentation because she was able to sense the pain in my heart I carried. The fact that she compassionately identified the weight of what I was carrying around secretly was a healing experience for me. I was able to cry with her and she was able to help me release a lot of that burden that had felt so solitary and secret. Her intuition did not stop there. She was able to assist me in tuning in to wishes and longings I had long ago lost touch with. It was as if she had a window into my years as a young girl and all my dreams. Thanks to Lynn's mentoring and guidance I have come into a whole new life. I meditate daily. I am more compassionate with myself and others. I have a career I LOVE. I eat green vegetables now (that took some convincing but I actually really like them now!). I also have a new love relationship who sees me for who I really am and really loves me. I am forever grateful to Lynn Louise Wonders. . .

J.S.M., Woodstock, GA


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