Welcome to Wonders Wellness!

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 If you are a woman over 40...

Wanting to feel at peace with your life....

Longing to feel more vibrant and alive... naturally...

If you are ready to experience great change in your life...

You've come to the right place!

I am Lynn Louise Wonders

and this is

Wonders Wellness

Institute for Personal & Professional Growth.  

I  am a holistic lifestyle and life-redesign coach, a licensed professional counselor and a personal growth, yoga and meditation teacher. I help women ALIGN the body, mind and spirit and achieve greater peace in their lives.  And I am here to help YOU.

  • Time to grow a new career or up-level your work in the world? 
  • Contemplating or recovering from divorce and need support? 
  • Want the most current scoop on natural health, aging, beauty, holistic wellness? 
  • Facing empty nest syndrome or still raising teens and want some help? 
  • Worried about excess weight on your body along with heavy heart and worried mind?

women in meadowI've got you covered.

I have been where you are. As a woman in mid-life, I utilize my life experiences along with my 20+ years of professional training and experience as a successful business owner, author, psychotherapist and yoga teacher to meet YOU where you are and assist you on your life journey.

 I will walk alongside you. I have created and assembled the most cutting-edge products, programs and resources to help you feel more connected to your true self and live a life you truly love.