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kuan yin blueWelcome to The Kuan Yin Course!

108 Beads of Wisdom for Living a Life with Compassion

The story of the Kuan Yin tells us that when she was in human form she led such a life of great compassion that when it came time for her spirit to leave her body she was given the opportunity to be immediately elevated to the highest level of Buddha. She declined, choosing instead to continue walking the earth, hearing the cries of all the suffering in this world to be of comfort and assistance to all of us here.

I have the humble honor and privilege of serving as a channel for the Essence of the Kuan Yin. She has been coming through me during my work with clients in healing and counseling sessions for many, many years - long before I knew who she was! Now, she has directed me to write down these lessons and instructed me to provide this course to assist others.

The traditional mala of the Buddhist tradition has 108 beads. For this course we will have the 108 beads of wisdom divided into 3 sections of 36.

The Kuan Yin is your guru or teacher in this course. I am the channel through which she brings you these precious beads of wisdom, lessons for living a more compassionate life.

The course is designed to provide you three "Vital Lessons" which are three sections of 36 beads you can meditate on  daily or take as much time as you like working through the lessons.

You will create your own sacred string of wisdom - your own mala - of practices and inspiration to cultivate compassion in your heart for your own Self, other humans, all plants and animals.

This course was directed by the Essence of the Goddess and Bodhisattva of Compassion because this is a time on Earth when there is a great call for more compassion.

Compassion is the energy that will transform our life experience, helping us to connect more deeply to the Divine within us, seeing all others as extensions, facets of the same.

It is my hope that this course will transform your life. Lift your spirit. Help you to align with Divine.... Create your own mala of wisdom to set the rest of your human experience on course to be more grounded, have greater clarity and establish a practical way to live this life.

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You will find everything you need in the text book below including:

  • channeled greeting and closing messages from Kuan Yin
  • introduction to the mala
  • introduction to who Kuan Yin is
  • introduction to the concept and importance of compassion
  • instructions on how best to utilize the course
  • explanation and lesson of the Guru Bead
  • explanation of the 3 Vital Lessons
  • 108 beads of wisdom channeled from the Kuan Yin while in trance state

This course has been encoded with the Divine Love and Light of the all merciful Divine Mother and Bodhisattva Kuan Yin.... Enjoy....

Here is your text book for The Kuan Yin Course:

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