Losing Weight Over 40


Weight Management Over 40

Losing weight over  40 - and keeping it off -  is a whole new ball game than the one we played in our 20's and 30's. After much research and experience I have cracked the code and pulled together all the scoop for you and have created plans, program and articles for you.

1. A weight loss and management program that changes your entire life forever in the best way. In order to have the most effective plan for releasing excess weight, you also must address your thought patterns and your emotions while you also learn how to have a new relationship with food and movement of your body over the age of 40. This program is intended for people who are serious about digging deep, undoing all those habits that don't serve once and for all. Go check out my 12 Weeks to Total Transformation.

2. Need to release just 10 to 20 pounds and want to do it in 45 days? On a bit of a budget? Check out my program called 45 Days to Fabulous Over 40. This program gives you a plan including weekly shopping lists, daily food plans, daily exercise regimen and gentle, relaxing mini guided yoga sessions and guided relaxations. There's also a daily journal to keep you on track and a 21 day transition plan after you complete your 45 days. Go read more about this wonderful self paced program! Losing weight over 40 doesn't have to be difficult with a plan in place.

3. Certified natural nutritional products to help healthy weight release for a extra boost. I have tried many natural products over the years. These are the real deal. Pure, certified, research based and developed by a medical doctor I trust. Highest quality sources I've found. Whey protein shakes derived from grass fed cows, herbal supplements safe and effective for supporting weight loss with NO dangerous stimulants. Health Omega 3 supplement that we now know actually helps us (especially over 40) lose the excess pounds and keep them off. Go check out Real Dose products here.

Here are some helpful posts about weight management over 40: