Meditation For Life & Success

meditationYou've wanted to make meditation a part of your life for a while now. You can't seem to find time. Or you find it boring. You have trouble sitting still. Your mind races whenever you sit still.

I get it. And I've got some important news for you.

You can train your brain and your body to get to a deep place of mental and physical rest that will improve your health and lead to greater success as an entrepreneur.

I'm here to teach you and help you develop a simple, daily practice that will literally transform your life.

And all you and I need is 8 weeks.

Scientific research shows that when adults practiced a very specific method of meditation on a daily basis for 8 weeks their brains changes for the better.

You can literally change your brain in 8 weeks.

In 8 weeks you will feel calmer. More focused. Less frazzled.

After 8 weeks you will find it easier to get work done without so much stress.

This 8 week program is guided by me but implemented by you. Follow my lead and use my daily lessons and plan all laid out for you and you will see significant change in 8 weeks.

All you'll need is 20 minutes each morning and 10 minutes each night. I will guide you every step of the way.

  • 8 weekly guided meditation recordings that will teach you how to sit, how to be, how to find center every day and guide you into the ultimate meditation experience. Plug and play.
  • 8 weekly inspirational contemplations to bring into the fullness of your days as an entrepreneur.
  • 8 weekly reflective journaling opportunities to keep track of how you're doing and how you're feeling along the way.

Research shows that people who practice meditation achieve more in the work-place.

Research shows people who meditate have a more positive outlook on life.

Science does not lie. You need to be meditating. Let's do this together.

Your program will be delivered May 15.

Prepare for major life change. The fee is $197.