meditation for entrepreneurs

Want to learn how meditation can bring you daily peace AND success

in business and every aspect of your life?

Meditation is a golden key to a more successful life and business.

That may sound like a bold statement but I know it to be true. If you don't learn how to center, find calm and peace and quiet your busy mind on a regular basis, you're going to run smack into the wall of BURNOUT!

For over 20 years I have been studying, practicing and teaching various forms of meditation and yoga as a means of my own self care and in my efforts to help women achieve greater health and balance personally AND professionally.

As a part of my mentoring and training work with female entrepreneurs, I incorporate a great deal of meditation

Daily and dedicated self care is essential to success in your personal and professional life. I will teach you how to utilize meditation as a piece of your every day life that will bring grounding, peace and confidence to your personal life AND your business.

Join me!

Allow me to help you develop a new habit that will change your life.

Change your mind. Bolster confidence.

Take your business to a whole new and greater level than you ever imagined.


Three Ways I Can Help You. . .

Hire me as your private mentor and teacher. I have three packages that all include 1:1 live sessions, recorded guided meditations and lessons and a personalized plan to take your business and life to a new level with a self care plan you will implement easily and successfully. Go HERE to read more and sign up for a private mentoring package. I will be your business coach, your self care mentor and your meditation teacher all in one.

Order my Meditation for Life & Success Program. It's coming out May 15,  2017 and I'm taking pre-orders now. It's an 8 week self paced course with audio and video lessons and a private support community on Facebook. You will receive a daily practice guide. Go HERE to read more and sign up to receive your self-paced program May 1. You'll be able to take it wherever you go and fold these practices into your daily life with ease.

Join my free Bhakti Yoga & Meditation group on Facebook where I post free lessons and inspirational info about the practice of daily devotion to all of Life through meditation and other rituals. It's a beautiful self care practice and you can join me there for no cost.

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