When I was hit with sudden, full-blown menopause symptoms following a medically necessary full hysterectomy at age 44, I had to figure out some solutions.  I was too young to be dealing with these symptoms.

Traditional HRT was not an option for me with breast cancer in the family history.

I did follow the suggestion of one doctor for a year, taking a sublingual progesterone pellet every day. It didn't seem to help and when other symptoms developed ( a 50 pound weight gain for one thing) I called the doc and asked for her to run a blood test and check my levels. She did. A few days later I got a call from the doctor telling me with great urgency I needed to stop the progesterone immediately. She faxed over my results. My progesterone levels were over 50 times higher than they should have been.

I decided to take this situation into my own hands.

These are the things I have discovered help to bring relief to all the symptoms of menopause:

Clean up your diet

  • Eating organic dark leafy greens every day
  • If you're a meat-eater, only buy and consume hormone-free, humanely-raised, organic meats and eggs.
  •  Give up white foods (sugar, potatoes, refined grains)
  • Lean toward small portions of unique whole grains (spelt, millet, amaranth) rather than wheat and rice
  • Try quinoa a few times/ week - it's actually a seed and is high in protein
  • Incorporate juicing vegetables a few times each week

Kick the coffee habit

  • Caffeine is found to contribute to hot flashes and irritability as well as mood swings. Do yourself a favor and make friends with the herbal tea menu and say adios to coffee.

Step away from the wine and whiskey

  • Medical research shows that alcohol consumption messes with our hormones and affects calcium absorption and may contribute to osteoporosis
  • Research also indicates that alcohol consumption contributes to hot flashes

Create a sleep-time routine

  • Stop eating 3 hours before bed time
  • Turn off all electronics one hour before bed
  • Create a very dark and cool environment where you sleep
  • Wear cool, loose cotton nightgown and invest in some cool, cotton sheets

Saddle up to some supplements

  • I found this herbal supplement  (called Femmerol)to bring tremendous relief for me. The herbal ingredients of Femmerol are more effective than other supplements because they are micronized—the particles are extremely small and flat, making it easier for the body to absorb and use than the whole herb itself. Femmerol delivers a 4:1 extract for maximum purity and stability, with no residuals or crude solvents left behind. The herbal ingredients in Femmerol are the purest available, and each bottle you purchase will deliver the same standardized potency every time.
  • Talk with your doctor about a B-vitamin supplement. A lot of times this can help with symptoms
  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids have been shown to help with symptoms. You can increase your salmon consumption and you can supplement with good clean fish oil sourced from purest, cleanest fish.
  • Seek out non-estrogenic herb supplements. Stay away from soy as it's been found to have complications for some women

Learn to relax

  • Seek out a gentle yoga class or try a downloadable gentle yoga class in the comfort of your home.
  • Learn the simple practice of seated meditation
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If you have found tips and tools that have worked for YOU, please comment below! I'd love to hear from you!