Mentoring Services


I am Lynn Louise Wonders, founder of the Wonders Wellness Institute.

I serve as a mentor for women wanting to create and engage with a holistic lifestyle but are needing guidance and support along the way.

Mentoring supports your evolution as a whole person. A mentor is normally more experienced and highly qualified in a field or subject matter, able to pass on knowledge and experience. I provide mentoring to women all over the world who are seeking support for mind, body and spirit to align with a holistic lifestyle.

I have been working in the holistic wellness field for over 23 years, registered as an experienced yoga and meditation instructor, certified as an aromatherapist and as a Canfield Trainer and Success Coach. I have trained in holistic and integrative nutrition, energy medicine and have done extensive study of neuroscience. I have a Masters degree in psychology and professional counseling having practiced psychotherapy since 2002. I am licensed as a professional counselor in the State of Georgia and do provide psychotherapy services to many women (who are residents of Georgia) who want a deeper level of care.

For my mentoring clients all over the world, I bring my background in human developmental psychology along with my many years as an instructor of varies holistic modalities together to help women like you create a plan for daily living that supports graceful and joyful aging through mid-life and beyond.

I would love to speak with you about how we might work together.

Contact me and let's talk. I look forward to hearing from you!