Move Your Body

Move Your Body

So, if rigorous exercise regimens didn't do the trick for me to drop the excess weight, you might be asking what role physical exercise plays in the programs and coaching support I am providing, right? Every person is unique and has unique needs.

Women and sport recreationExercise plays a very important role in maintaining good health and well-being. The level, intensity and timing of that exercise is specific to each individual. This will be addressed individually in our coaching consultations with the help of experts in the field of athletic training and exercise physiology.

What we are learning is that sometimes when a body is carrying a larger amount of extra weight, it can be helpful to have a way to drop some of that weight through dietary adjustments BEFORE observing a rigorous exercise plan.

For years I was pushing myself with various rigorous exercise programs when I was carrying a lot of extra weight.

I experienced some injuries by pushing my body too hard and too fast at the gym when I was overweight.  With the program I followed, I stopped the rigorous workouts for 4 weeks altogether. I focused on my relationship to food and took my nutritional supplements and lost 21 pounds in 30 days.

I was then able to start exercising again without pain and injury. I exercised on Phase 3 by taking long, brisk walks and lifting some light weights at home.

When I did another round of Phase 2 I lost another 11 pounds focusing on my food plan and my supplements observing shorter daily walks.  Now that I am on maintenance I am enjoying more exercise options again!

When you have MORE than 20 pounds to lose, this program allows you to focus on your relationship with food first and foremost, postponing rigorous exercise for a short time while the body releases some of that excess weight.

According to a 2005 research study, for every 1 pound lost, 4 pounds of pressure on the joints is relieved. That's some amazing information.  That means when I lost 25 pounds I was taking 100 pounds of pressure off my joints.

Dog walkI definitely recommend 15-20 minutes of brisk walking even when on the very low calorie 21 day program. During the next phase which involves stabilizing your new weight after losing (and during the Life phase) exercise is strongly encouraged.

Otherwise, daily movement of your body is crucial to good health and will aid in your effort to shed pounds and have improved well-being. In my The Weight is Over program daily movement and gentle yoga are most definitely part and parcel!

Research has shown us that regular exercise, combined with healthy eating, is an efficient and healthful way to manage your weight.

Research also shows that , in addition to helping to manage weight, regular physical activity can reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life.

Regular physical activity can also improve mood and the way you feel about yourself. Exercise is likely to reduce depression and anxiety and help you to better manage stress. It is a natural and inexpensive antidepressant.

Young woman during yoga meditation in the parkRole of Exercise in Weight Loss and Well-being

Every body is different! But every body needs to move! Generally, I recommend to all of my wellness clients that they at least get in a brisk walk 4 days every week.  For clients who already have a substantial exercise regimen in place I recommend they continue that and make some adjustments to their food plan to ensure they are getting what their body needs and confirm this with their own health practitioner.

As a yoga teacher myself, I urge my clients to adopt a simple, gentle yoga routine to increase flexibility and reduce stress. You can read more here about my ideas and work as a yoga teacher.

There are many ways and means to move your body!  I help clients seek out a safe and fun exercise program.

It does not matter what type of physical activity you perform -- sports, planned exercise, household chores, yard work, or work-related tasks -- all are beneficial. To determine the best type of exercise program for you, talk to your doctor and a certified athletic trainer.