Get healthy over 40! One Week at a Time

Want to lead a healthier life

but feeling overwhelmed by all the info out there?

Don't know where to start?

Sometimes it's best...

one step at a timeOne Step at a Time

What if you could just practice one new habit each week?

One new healthy habit each week.

One week at a time.

Over 10 weeks.

I have carefully selected 10 simple new healthy habits for you to incorporate into daily life
to support you in the process of redesigning your wellness lifestyle


Each week you can implement my instruction and inspiration on one new healthy habit.

woman with appleBy the end of the 10 weeks:

...your mind will be clearer will have more energy
...your digestion will improve
...your body will feel healthier will have 10 new healthy habits grooved in

Grab your 10 Weeks of New Healthy Habits today!

It's only $12.

10 Weeks.

10 New Healthy Habits

Get healthy over 40!

One Step at a Time.


Let me help you take one step at time.

Design a healthy life from the inside out.

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