Organic Skin Care for Healthy Skin

If you wouldn't eat it

don't put it on your skin! Organic Skin Care is key. . .

organic skin care After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products that were just sub-par, I kept searching for just the right organic and all natural skin and personal products. I always believed if you wouldn't eat it then you should not put it on your skin!

FINALLY, I have found  ORGANIC SKIN AND HAIR PRODUCTS that I love and I have to share.

Allow me please to introduce you to my friend and partner in organic skin care… Gilly.

Gilly’s Organics has been in the works for a long time. Gilly has been experimenting with natural ingredients for various recipes in her kitchen or her family's pharmacy since she was a young girl.

While in college, Gilly created facial creams and hair conditioning treatments using esesntial oils and natural ingredients.

organic skin care

Not long after, Gilly began to envision a line of products that are naturally high quality AND beneficial for our bodies and the the earth.

One evening, she was creating a nourishing product for her dry hair and wintery skin and she decided to package this product and sell it.

After a friend tried it and  loved it her friend suggested she add sugar to turn it into an exfoliant, and that’s how Gilly’s first product was born!

Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good!” is now selling in select locations in NJ and CA. And NOW you can order yours delivered to your door.

It’s a fabulous, gentle, spa-like, all-over body scrub that is excellent for manicures and pedicures too.

Gilly’s line has now expanded to 10 amazing products!

I invite you to go shopping at Gilly’s Organics and stock up on the ONLY products you will ever need again for your skin and hair care.

I use ALL of these products myself daily and I love them so much I asked Gilly if she would allow me to sell her products to my clients and customers seeking a clean-n-green lifestyle.

I partnered with my friend Gilly so spread the word about her products. When you buys Gilly’s products from this link I receive a portion of your payment which affords me the opportunity to provide ongoing free resources, programs and products for the public.

Throw out all the chemical-laden products and go organic!