Professional Counseling

I have many roles and I provided many differing and distinct services. It's important to be very clear about when and where I am operating from these various roles.

I have a masters degree and I am licensed in Georgia to provide professional counseling services for clients who have their primary residence in the state of Georgia. I am able to provide distance psychotherapy via video-conferencing, phone and email for clients who live outside of the United States. At this time the laws are such that for USA citizens, I am unable to provide counseling for anyone who does not have their primary residence in in field

I provide individual counseling support for adults, relationship counseling for couples, family therapy and play therapy for child as well as therapy for adolescent clients.

I approach psychotherapy from a wellness model rather than a medical model. While I certainly understand the reality of chemical imbalances and I honor the times when traditional medicine is needed, overall I see that people can most often come to a point of emotional balance with quality counseling and numerous natural interventions.

It can be confusing as to what constitutes therapy and/or counseling and what constitutes education, consulting and mentoring.

This website is dedicated to education, consultation, mentoring and consulting only. It's very important for you to review my Terms and Conditions Statement and my Disclaimer Statement in order to be fully informed.

If you would like to discuss whether counseling, coaching or mentoring is bet suited for your individual needs you can schedule a free Connection Session with me so we can discuss and decide what is the most appropriate service for you.