women in midlifeYou're in mid-life.

Your kids have left the nest.

You've had a satisfying career.

But you find yourself asking, "Is this all there is?"

You're not alone.

Many women in mid-life find themselves wondering the same thing.

This is a 90 day intimate group mentoring program in which I take you step by step through the process of creating a life redesign and support you in putting that new design into action!

You've lived long enough to have experienced having a house or a room

that gets to the point it really  needs to be

refurbished, remodeled, redesigned?

It's tired, not reflective of current times, in desperate need of a lift, a shift!

Could this be true for you and your life now?

life redesign

You can have a new life in 90 days.

Consider these questions. . .

  • Have you been so busy taking care of family you don't know how to take care of YOU?
  • Have you been through divorce or are you contemplating a major change in your relationship status?
  • Want to feel a sense of PURPOSE in your life?
  • Want to find calm instead of chaos?
  • Are you tired of obsessing about your weight and how your body is aging?
  • Are you ready to create a career you LOVE but need some help knowing how to get there?

If you answered YES to any of those questions you are an excellent candidate

for my Redesign Your Life personal mentoring program!

It's Time for you to have a daily step by step plan.

With a mentor who truly cares about you.

life redesign

 This group mentoring program consists of women working with me in a private community where you will get all the support, structure and encouragement you need to

make the changes you need and want to make to lead a fulfilling life.

Q: How is mentoring different from coaching?

A: Mentoring is a nurturing, encouraging process that relies on the connection of the relationship you develop with me. Where coaching focuses on specific results, mentoring is more focused on your growth process as you work through a plan for life-shifting and redesign. Though this is not psychotherapy, my long career as a professional counselor and psychotherapist provides a natural container of compassion and caring that deeply nurtures you as you work toward the goals you have for your life. My expertise in psychology informs my work as a mentor. I am able to help mentoring clients adjust thoughts and beliefs to create a whole new experience of peace and freedom.

Q. What will mentoring for 90 days look like?

A. Every day for 90 days you will have access to me in a intimate online community. You will find this circle of support highly supportive and nurturing. 90 days of inspiration, support, encouragement and accountability. We will connect live on a weekly basis and you will have access to numerous tools to use along the way to keep you on track. You will feel as if I am by your side every step of the way for 90 days as you redesign your life.

I have created this mentoring program pulling from my 20+ years of professional and personal experience

using mind+body techniques and tools in helping myself and others.

I see you as a whole person and I believe in order to have lasting, positive change we must use a HOLISTIC approach and address every angle of your multi-faceted being.

Your thoughts.

Your dreams.

Your beliefs.

Your habits.

Your motivations.

Your obstacles.

Your emotions.

Your relationships.


This group mentoring program provides you with a redesign blueprint - a UNIQUE-for-YOU PLAN!

for how you move through your daily life,

creating new habits that yield lasting joy and lightness in body, mind and spirit.

No need to go this alone! Tap into my 15+ years of expertise in the arena of human psychology and development and allow me to guide you using practical tools and 90 days of personal support through a process of claiming a life of meaning and purpose.

life redesign


The reason this program is so effective is that I bring my years of experience and expertise into a real relationship with you and 9 other women in mid-life. The container of this intimate group allows us to know one another in ways that facilitate meaningful change.

This small group program is rooted in my relationship with you

helping you shore up your relationship with yourself.

Together, we will tear down some walls, rip up the old, unhealthy habits and with a total redesign we will create a whole new way of life for you.

This is what is included in this 90 day mentoring program:

  • An initial private session with me to assess where you are and where you want to be by the end of your 90 days.
  • Membership to our online private group of women in mid-life who are also working to redesign their lives
  • Weekly live meetings, recorded for access if you can't attend live. We meet as a group via live video stream and discuss each member's aspirations, challenges in a private, supportive and nurturing circle.
  • Daily access to me personally for 90 days via our membership circle and private messaging
  • Recorded guided meditations to help your mind and body align and focus on your vision of your ideal life.
  • Redesign Toolbox full of easy-to-use tools for changing thoughts and creating new daily practices right away. Your toolbox will contain a step by step check list, simple audio instructions along with printable guide book and journaling exercises.
  • A custom designed daily life plan for your body, mind and spirit that fits with your schedule and lifestyle – providing you more healthy energy, spring in your step, deeper sleep and more joy.
  • Inspirational and encouraging daily messages posted in the group and ample opportunities for discussion and camaraderie
  • Access to Easy, Gentle downloadable Yoga Class Recordings
  • A half hour Reflect-n-Reveal Private Wrap Up Session 1:1 to review everything we have accomplished, reveal the NEW life you've created and then ease you back into the waters of your life with renewed and clearer focus and commitment.

Here is what women are saying about working with me

Redesign Your Life Mentoring program:

Lynn always has ideas for me when I hit a rough patch. I would highly recommend Lynn as a mentor to any woman who wants to make healthy changes to her life. I started off with her 12 week holistic life program. Her videos and guided meditations song with her recipes and other tools made all the difference in my life. After I completed the 12 week program I signed up for her 8 week mentoring program because I knew I needed to work more closely with this woman! I don't know where my life would be right now if not for her. She goes the extra mile, that's for sure! Now, she provides me one on one mentoring as needed.

Jenna S. New York

This was the best investment I’ve ever made. Worth every penny and then some.

I wish I could have you move in with me, Lynn. Our weekly calls and emails have been pivotal to the transformation I’ve seen in my body and my attitude and my relationships this summer. I’m going to miss hearing your voice and reading your words ongoing because you’ve been a source of incredible strength and inspiration. If I believed in angels, I’d say you are one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was the best investment I’ve ever made. Worth every penny and then some. Priceless.

Alicia W. New Jersey

Thank you for helping me take charge of my life.

I am so honored to have been one of your first Redesign Your Life mentoring program clients because I can always say I knew you when! You're going places, lady! You have been an answer to my prayers this summer. My life was upside down. I was eating crap. I wasn't sleeping. I was on the brink of divorce.

Thanks to this life redesign program I chose to invest in I can honestly say I feel better in every way than I ever have in my life. Just hearing your voice, I'd feel an immediate calm come over me. And I love how you designed an eating plan and exercise program for me that was EASY and fits for my busy life. The love you feel for your clients is clear. Thank you for helping me take charge of my life. My marriage is better, I've shed excess weight, my friends say I laugh and smile more now. Thank you, Lynn..."

Jane C. Marietta, GA

Lynn is the real deal.

I've worked with coaches before that charged a lot of money and then didn't deliver what they promised. That's not the case with Lynn. She is authentic and her program is even MORE and BETTER than she presents it to be. She genuninely cares. When she checked in with me I could always tell she was sincere, wanting to know how I was doing. This 8 week program made me feel like someone really cares when I was feeling alone and depleted.

Allison J. Canton, GA

You will come out the other side a renewed woman.

There is no greater investment than spending 3 months with Lynn as your mentor. I promise. Lynn won't give up on you even when you feel like giving up on yourself. Do it. I promise you will not regret it one bit.

Christy J. Chicago, IL

I highly recommend Lynn Louise Wonders as a wellness mentor.

Lynn was a one stop shop for me. She helped me come up with a design for my life, an action plan, she gave me articles and books and links to look at, she listened when I cried, she was gentle and kind and supportive but she also knew when to push me just enough to get me over the humps. She cares for real. I consider Lynn more than a mentor. She's been a great teacher for me when I was pretty much lost in terms of knowing how to take care of myself and take responsibility for my life.

Paula R. Nashville, TN

Lynn has been an absolute gift to me and my life. I recommend her highly.

Lynn started providing me personal mentoring Fall of 2013. I'm 49, recently divorced with two kids away at college. I was ready to be dedicated to a program that would address body, mind and spirit because my whole life was starting over it seemed.

With Lynn's support, together we came up with a program of regular yoga, meditation, organic whole food diet and a whole lot of "mind-shifting" exercises. Lynn holds me accountable, encourages me when I've gotten discouraged and keeps me on track. She has a balance of warmth, compassion, intuition and direct, to-the-point communication when needed.

After completing her 8 week mentoring program with Lynn, I am choosing to do one monthly check-in session with her which helps me stay on track. I am so grateful to have discovered Lynn's programs and I highly recommend her.

Tammy S.

Lynn is truly gifted and anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor.

I thought maybe I needed therapy but after talking with Lynn on the phone and answering a lot of questions, Lynn recommended mentoring instead. She explained that I was actually functioning very well and that it sounded like my focus would be a better fit for mentoring. I was game.

Lynn and I set up a series of phone sessions and I was amazed how much ground she was able to cover in an hour. She has a laser-point, intuitive way of honing in on what really matters to me and what I need to work on.

After each session I got off the phone feeling physically lighter, clearer of mind and more hopeful than before with homework tasks I actually couldn't wait to start working on. Each assignment she gave me built on the one before and opened my mind and heart in ways I didn't know possible.

As a result I have improved my nutrition, I exercise every day without fail and I'm starting my own business and having success right out of the gate. I am so glad I met Lynn. She is truly gifted and anyone would be lucky to have her as my wellness mentor.

Joan L.

I've worked with a lot of life coaches  and several therapists over the years. I like to always be working on myself. What Lynn offers is so much deeper and farther than anything I ever experienced in working with all the life coaches and therapists I've hired over the years. It's real, true mentoring!

Lynn has an innate gift for sensing and seeing what is really going on at the root of my behaviors and choices and she TEACHES me how to see what is going on and how to do it differently in a way that sticks permanently. After working with Lynn for just one 8 week cycle of life-redesign sessions my entire life changed. I sold the house I'd been sitting on for years and found my dream cottage by the ocean. I started dating with a whole new plan and met my forever love. I quit the job I'd felt stuck in for 15 years and started my own business doing free-lance writing for magazines and I've got a publisher for my book I wrote and allowed to collect dust. Lynn's work is intuitive, efficient, and effective in so many ways. Lynn's mentoring takes you by the hand and guides you into the places you may have been avoiding but have needed to go into.  I highly recommend you book in with Lynn before her waiting list is years long! - Jamie L., Florida

Ready to redesign your life? Let's get started!

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of others around you.


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90 Day Personal Group Mentoring