Self Care Resources

yoga-1812695_1280You work hard.

You're an entrepreneur. A business owner.

You are dedicated to serving others.

Your self care can easily fall by the way-side.

With a commitment to developing specific daily habits, a circle of support and expert guidance,

DEEP SELF CARE can make all the difference in your life

I have self-care resources here for you.

Membership in a private Facebook Group

Lynn will post loads of supportive daily practices you can easily weave into your busy life.

Daily resources including:

guided meditations, inspiration, motivation, discussion.

Personalized guidance with live conversations in the group.

Support from a small circle of like others.

Resources for nutritional support.

Information about aromatherapy and guidance on how to benefit.

Articles to read on ways to attend to self care in mid-life

Gentle 10-15 minute guided yoga recordings (easy, simple, relaxing).

Journaling prompts for 5 minute reflections.

A place to gather with like-others and feel supported and restored.

The next round starts February 15 - Will you join us?

A fee of just $18 will reserve your place in the circle.

To register there are 2 steps:

Step 1: Pay $18 using the button below

Step 2: Request to join the private Facebook group at this link.