Self Care for Women Over 40: A 12 Week Program

self care for women over 40 Self Care is Everything.

Self care for women over 40 is more important than ever.

Just imagine...

What if you could feel radiant, healthy, alive,

light and free in your body... loving and accepting yourself...

while experiencing peace and joy in your life like never before?

I have good news for you.

You can have all of this. . .

This is Your Time.

This is Your Life.

Learn to nurture yourself every day.

Ready to have enough energy NATURALLY to enjoy daily life?

Ready to wake up feeling refreshed ... instead of puffy and exhausted?

Ready to RELEASE weight your body and mind don't need?

Are you ready to ALIGN your body and mind with the spirit of who you are?

img_0114I am Lynn Louise Wonders

and I have designed 12 Week Program called Self Care for Women Over 40

so that you can have all the tools you need to attend to your self care

over the age of 40.

It's time for you to have relief from stress and feel lighter, whole and happy.

This is a holistic lifestyle program for women in their 40s and 50s who want to

FEEL their BEST from the inside out.

For women who want to feel fully alive in midlife

This program will help you RELEASE all that does not serve your highest and best.

It's about learning exactly how to


all of who YOU ARE

as a woman.

summer readyI'm going to share with you all of my own Self Care Secrets.

When you are in your 40's and 50's, you notice your are shifting and changing rapidly. The WHOLE of you has to be addressed and I am here to help you do just that.

This program will help illuminate and reverse habits that no longer serve you


It's about having a new plan with new practices that honors the woman you are.

It's about creating self-honoring, healthy habits that

help you to feel FULFILLED in every way...

self care habits you will love for life.

This program is RICH with resources and wise guidance.

I will be your guide and mentor on this life - changing self care journey.

lynn2015I designed this program out of my own personal struggles and my vast research and experience.

As a therapist, yoga/meditation teacher, and as a nutrition and natural healing enthusiast, I had plenty of resources…

…but I had to pull from everything I knew to create a practice that would work for me over the age of 40.

After having a full hysterectomy at age 44 I found myself in full-blown menopause and my whole world turned upside down. My health was declining. I gained 50 pounds. My skin became dry. I had very little energy. I felt anxious about all the changes in my body.

After many trials and errors, thousands of dollars spent seeing various experts and trying many methods, I have discovered what works and have brought together

ALL the pieces to the puzzle and in one place here for you.

After I found my plan worked for myself I decided it was time to develop this program - Self Care for Women Over 40.

lynn meditation rounded

The answer lies in your daily self care plan.

The journey to living a fulfilling life over the age of 40 has to be approached and observed from all angles.

There are many pieces to the puzzle…

I am sharing all of the tools and resources I have discovered in order to help you on your journey.

You can adapt, customize and tailor this program to your unique needs.

This is a simple straight-forward and structured program.

I provide a daily plan for you to follow.

You will feel inspired. You will feel supported.

This is a NEW WAY OF LIFE.

This program is for all women over 40 who want to lead a life of greater joy, with less stress,

more flexibility and lightness for body + mind + spirit.

12 weeks of absolute transformation

with a plan you can carry on into the rest of your life.

In order to honor your body, to see the results you want in your life  changes need to be made.

Changes for the better. New daily habits must be formed.


This program includes TWO detailed, easy food plan options for you to choose from:


meatOPTION 1.

Animal protein, no dairy, no gluten, lots of organic veggies, fruits and high fiber raw, sprouted nuts, seeds


veganOPTION 2.

All plant-based (vegan) food plan rich in phytonutrients, plant-based protein sources and fiber!


Daily walking that will easily become a new habit and

very gentle yoga that is provides basic but important stretching, centering and breathing.

This self care program is FAR MORE than nutrition and body movement.

It has to be far more than diet and exercise because you are not just a physical body.

You are a thinking, feeling woman with life experiences,memories, emotions, thoughts and beliefs

that sometimes get in the way of your ability to lead a fulfilling, healthy life…

These are some of the valuable resources you will receive:

  • Mental exercises to clean up your thinking and get your head in a healthy, self-honoring space
  • A clean, green and lean tasty eating plan for each of the 3 phases including a LIFE plan that incorporates the new habits you will create during this program
  • Weekly meal planners for 3 meals and a snack daily
  • Delicious EASY and QUICK Prep Recipes
  • Juicing and Blending Video and Guidebook with Recipes
  • Shopping lists to make grocery trips a breeze
  • Restaurant guide to keep you on track while eating out
  • Gentle & Simple yoga: guided classes you can download to help detox your body and mind and feel more energized
  • Guided meditations to relax and help align mind, body and spirit
  • A seated meditation video and guidebook
  • Weekly videos that will inspire you
  • Journals including in-depth writing prompts
  • Physical exercise plan designed for women over 40 including tips from a certified trainer who is also a woman over 40
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercise video to help with balance and vitality
  • Sleep resources video and guide so you can finally wake up feel rested
  • Guide for natural hormone balancing
  • A video and manual that addresses energy medicine, healing & balancing & a very special gift of 2 free classes with energy practitioner Melissa Zoske ($100 value Bonus)
  • Community support through a private Facebook page
  • ... and lots of surprises and bonuses along the way.


How does this program work?

There are 3 phases divided into four-weeks.

Phase 1: During this phase we implement a lot of changes to what we are eating, what we are thinking, how we lead our daily lives, what we are putting on our skin and using in our environment in order to experience a holistic cleanse over a 4 week period. We observe daily gentle exercise, practice relaxation, easy meditations and very gentle, short yoga practices ANYONE can do.

Phase 2: During this four weeks we are digging in a little deeper and leaning in a bit further. Here you will begin some resistance strength building exercise. We go more into emotional and mental awareness. We learn about balancing our hormones naturally and we see substantial change in body, mind and spirit during this phase.

Phase 3: During this phase we focus on how to allow all these new habits to become a part of our daily life with ease. We enjoy a SPLURGE one day each week and learn about maintaining for life...

Throughout the program, we address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of satisfying, successful and lasting holistic release of physical weight, stressful thinking and unhealthy habits with specific sensitivity to the needs of women over 40.

You can adapt this program to YOUR unique needs!

You can (and should) consult with YOUR health care practitioner and make adjustments

as needed for your particular health issues.

You can use parts of it and not others if that's what works for you and your life.

It's totally customizable.

Take your time! You decide when your 12 weeks begins!

You will receive your weekly content all in one place upon purchase.

You can download all of the program materials and go at your own pace!

Start when its right for you and use this program

in whatever way best supports your current life-situation!

You are receiving 90 days of gentle yoga, guided relaxations, weekly inspirational videos, shopping lists, food plans, recipe guides journaling exercises, a free fitness consultation, a free energy-medicine class, tutorials on juicing/blending, meditation, tai chi and much more!


One Payment of $197

Get all 12 weeks of content immediately after purchase.

You will have step by step instructions

on the most efficient way to use this program.

Come Learn How to Deeply Care for Your Self in midlife.

It's YOUR Time!

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

This program is amazing. My clothes are loose and I have more energy naturally. Lynn's guided meditations for relaxation and gentle yoga has helped me learn how to feel more at peace with my body and to develop a practice of regular relaxation. I never realized how much tension I was carrying around until I started implementing these practices into my daily life. Lynn's voice is VERY soothing and has an almost magical effect.

Instead of being so hard on myself, Lynn has taught me that loving myself as a matter of choice is KEY to feeling better in my body. This program is amazing. I can't say enough good things about it. Lynn and her gentle guidance and inspiration have been a source of support I have never found before in my life. I am so grateful. My clothes are loose and I have more energy naturally.



This program is something we women over 40 need. It has changed my life. I am so happy to have a chance to provide a testimonial because Lynn's presence and this program in particular is something we women over 40 NEED. She has put so much of her own heart and soul into creating this and it is evident in the BEAUTIFUL videos, the soothing audio recordings and all the recipes, guidebooks and other support materials.

Lynn is a REAL PERSON, a fellow woman over 40 who really GETS what I'm going through in life at age 49. I am forever thankful I found Lynn and this program has changed my life. She is meeting a need not otherwise met by anything else out there.


This is the real deal.

I need structure and Lynn offers a clear-cut program here with detailed shopping lists and recipes and food plans for every day of the entire 12 weeks. What I love, though, is she encourages us to make it our own and not let the structure feel like rigidity.

The videos she has created are absolutely beautiful, very professionally done and yet capture the real woman she is. This is the real deal. It's only a matter of time before this goes viral and women all over the world are clamoring to get this program. I am so lucky to be one of the EARLY BIRDs who got the first worm and eager to share with others.


I have been able to take responsibility of what has happened to me, break out of my patterns and see some light. Lynn is a wonderful person. I love her videos. These practices can ground you and see you through, in times of turmoil, is something I got to experience first hand recently. I have been going through a rough time. It's only after really imbibing the teachings and practices, that I have been able to tide through a really difficult time. I have been able to take responsibility of what has happened to me, break out of my patterns and see some light, after a lot of darkness.

I thank people like Lynn, who have come into my life at the right time. I did Lynn's 7 day cleansing program first and it kickstarted for me a healthier approach toward my body and loving myself. The regime I started and followed has kept me grounded.

I have lost 12 pounds. Something I have not been able to do in a long time. That has reassured me that I can take care of myself and my happiness even if others don't. I am thankful to Lynn for being who she is through this program and I believe her light will reach a lot of people , to guide them to reclaim their lives, their happiness.



Are you ready to FEEL better in your life?

If you are tired of feeling tired.... tired of years of yo-yo dieting and struggling with your weight...

If you are ready to RELEASE stress and weightiness of body, mind and spirit....

If you are ready to wake up feeling rested and filled with joy...

Are you READY to have a VIBRANT LIFE?