Yoga and Meditation Over 40


Stress Relief: Yoga & Meditation Over 40

When we cross the line into our 40's and 50's it is ESSENTIAL we find stress relief. We have to train our brains and our bodies to relax deeply and regularly in order for our hormones to balance out so we don't feel so stressed, don't gain excess weight, can release excess weight more easily and so we can sleep well. I have some cutting edge resources for you to help you learn to relax regularly. This is my number one specialty after over 20 years of training and practice in meditation, relaxation therapies, yoga, tai chi and energy medicine. Please check out these resources:

1. I have a virtual yoga studio and a special series there called Yoga Over 40! Check it out here. This is where I offer guided meditations, guided yoga classes specifically for women over 40. Yep, you don't have to leave your home. And my yoga and meditation classes are super gentle, relaxing and designed for women over the age of 40. Go here and take a look at Studio Wonders for Yoga & Meditation. I am adding new content all the time! Grab your monthly pass today...

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