Why Yoga & Meditation?

I'm a long time practitioner and teacher. . .

Yoga and meditation are essential practices for me personally and I am passionate about teaching others. But I am not your typical yogi or yoga teacher in America. I want to tell you about WHY yoga and meditation can and will change your body, mind and life in wonderful ways and HOW to practice in a way that is gentle and simple. Yoga and meditation for stress are well known. I'm going to break it down and take this to a whole new level for you. I still lead classes but more often I teach about the principles of yoga and meditation and how they apply to every day life.


yoga and meditation for stressYoga is often misunderstood in our society. Some people see yoga only as an exercise class to increase flexibility and strength. Some see yoga as some kind of mystical religious practice. These assumptions are greatly missing the true understanding of all that yoga is and how it can help people in ways that change their lives.

I utilize yoga for myself and for my clients as a means for clients and students to learn how to decrease physiological and mental stress symptoms and find greater balance in body and mind.

Yoga helps us find balance and create equanimity so we can live with a greater sense of peace, acceptance of what is, good health and harmony with what is around us in daily life.  The true essence of yoga is not about getting your body into pretzel postures. The true essence of yoga is about training your mind, body and breath to come together in alignment.

I believe strongly in practicing a very gentle form of yoga for women over 40 in order to get the full benefit of the true essence of yoga. In my 12 week program I provide very gentle and effective yoga classes along with guided meditations each week as an essential part of the process of transforming one's life, mind and body.

Yoga combined with meditation can bring profound relief to both physical and mental discomforts when practiced regularly.


Beautiful young woman yoga workout

(Yoga can not substitute for professional counseling for those in need of therapy services. Yoga and meditation classes may not be the best option for some people).


Watch this video for an introduction to seated meditation...

mindfullness_meditation320It is important to learn how to work with our mind, breath and body in a very simple way first. Mindfulness and Meditation is more than just sitting.

When I teach people about meditation, I first provide a foundation to the simple but profound practice which can bring lasting change to your perspective and to your life. Here are some of the benefits you may experience through learning about mindfulness and meditation:

  • Fully experience everyday living by being fully present in the moment
  • Reduce stress by responding creatively rather than reacting mindlessly
  • Bring greater clarity and understanding to the smallest (and biggest) tasks
  • Reestablish full connection with your physical body and breath
  • Reduce addictive or self-destructive behavior patterns
  • Develop a strong daily meditation practice

Mindfulness Meditation can help you discover what it’s like to see the world you actually have, not the one you think you are missing, and to live the life that is yours to live in its fullness, moment by moment and day by day. If you would like to learn with me please sign up for a 20 minute Connection Session at no charge and let's talk about how yoga and meditation can improve your life.