I'm not surprised if you are confused about what to eat for your health. I know first hand. I've come to realize there is no ONE way to eat. There is no one-size-fits-all dietary guideline..

Every human body is different with different needs at different points in life.

So where does that leave us? Confused about what to eat?

I've come up with a broad-stroke way for myself and any other person to figure out how, what and when to eat in line with what is good for YOUR body on any given day.

Definitely do your research consult with your health care practitioner and keep an open mind as you read, listen and gather info. But prepare to wade through the confusing and conflicting info


Look at these articles below with conflicting and contrasting information!

No wonder we are confused!

Okay, you get the idea, right? You know what they say about opinions.... everybody has one. And the problem is, when it comes to how, when and what to eat, most people fall pick one particular camp and then assume it must be right for everyone.

But here's why I'm coming to you with this today: I've done 'em all. I've been vegetarian, vegan, high protein low carb. I've done the very low calorie programs and I've even done extended water only fasts. I've done intermittent fasting. I've done programs that count points. I've ordered the soups and shakes. I've juiced for days. I've done raw. I've read every book, tried every plan, interviewed experts from every camp.

I've been in every single one of these camps at different times of my life.

When I first created this wellness institute I was having tremendous success having done a very low calorie program that provided an effective cleanse and reset for my body that contained mostly lean animal protein and green veggies only along with some great supplements. I was significantly overweight and it is what I needed then. But. . . life threw some curve balls and things changed.

Five years later, my body has been through the ringer. I gained back that weight I lost five years ago due to incredibly stressful circumstances and I've had numerous injuries and some degenerative spine and joint issues that have messed up my ability to exercise as I used to be able to.

Through all of this I have learned to tune in and listen to my body every darn day. I've learned that health and wellness is an ever-shifting target and the only answer is to be incredibly mindful in each moment and be patient and loving with your body.

Tune into YOUR body's wisdom every given day so you will no longer be confused about what to eat.

This is probably the MOST important step. Try this mindfulness technique:

  1. Sit where you are. Look up from your computer or device and gaze around you. Try tojust notice.
  2. Pay close attention to the objects and sounds in and around the room you're in without labeling anything. Without analyzing. Without judging anything as good, bad, pretty, ugly. Just notice it.
  3. Now, close your eyes. Feel the seat underneath you, the floor under your feet. Allow your body to sink into the support there.
  4. Notice sounds in and around the room. Don’t react. Just notice.
  5. Begin to notice your breath. Notice how it comes in and out of the body on its own accord. Feel the sensation.
  6. Ask your body what it feels it most needs today. Does it need to intermittently fast to rest the digestive system and burn off excess glycogen today? Does it feel like it needs a nutrition packed protein-green smoothie? Does it feel aligned more with plant-based foods or does it crave some animal protein? Ask and rest in the question paying attention to what you notice.

When you practice this non-judgmental noticing with a healthy dose of deep reverence for the wisdom your body is eager to share with you, you will begin to hear guiding messages from your body.

If you eat something... say... a big hunk of bread... and you notice 10 minutes later your belly is really bloated... you now have information that can help you the next time you are considering eating bread.

If you notice your lips are cracked and dry no matter how much moisturizer you put on them... here is a clue that perhaps you're not getting enough healthy fat in your diet or maybe you have a vitamin deficiency.

Many times we need a professional to help us figure out what messages our body is sending us. Sometimes we need supplementation of particular vitamins or minerals.  And sometimes if we listen, pay close enough attention without giving way to frustration with the messages (a.k.a. symptoms) we might just feel our way to a new direction.

If our bodies feel stiff and tight from sitting all day, some stretching and moving is in order. But how often do we continue to sit and sit and sit because we have a work deadline or we just ignore the body's signals?

Consult with holistic health experts and create a personalized plan that fits for you. I'm happy to chat for a few minutes by phone to help you figure out where you want to go next. Contact me and let's talk!