have been using essential oils for nearly 20 years. There are many practical ways to use essential oils for a more natural way of living.

Two of the most widely known companies who make essential oils are structured as multi level marketing (MLM) companies. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer not to work within the MLM business structure per se (although I love the products) and so I no longer participate in the business building aspect of either of those companies.

I so love the therapeutic grade and quality of the oils from those two companies, I order the products and keep them in stock in my wellness center for aromatherapy use at my wellness center and I continue to use them for personal use for myself, my family, friends and pets. I also use oils from three other companies I will tell you about that are not MLM.

I use a vast collection of oils for my clients from Young Living and doTerra. I also carry a line of oils from a wholesale company (not MLM) called Ananda Apothacary in addition to more a very affordable line of oils from Mountain Rose Herb as well as Snow Lotus (all high quality, organic/wild harvested and from whole sale companies and not MLMs).

I want to focus on how you can use a particular blend of certain oils for cleaning your home and supporting your immune system to replace toxic chemicals and over-the-counter medicines in some cases.

First, it is VERY important that if you buy essential oils you buy them from the company or directly from a trusted distributor for a company that produces high quality, laboratory tested, pure grade oils because there are many oils out there that are not pure grade, are cut with synthetic substances and just not good quality.

When you blend the oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon or orange, you get a powerful blend of germ-fighting, immune boosting cocktail. And it only takes a drop of this blend to do the job.

Young Living makes a blend called Thieves oil and doTerra makes a blend called OnGuard that are fairly identical though the OnGuard has more of an orange aroma where Thieves smells more cinnamon-clove prominent. Both of these blends have been tested by outside laboratories and found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria.

The results  of a study done at Weber University in 1997 showed Thieves Oil to have a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria.

The bacteria cultures were exposed into an enclosed area and the Thieves Essential Oils blend were infused into the space.

Within 10 minutes of exposure there was a reduction of:

82% in Micrococcus luteus 
 96% in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
 44% in Staphylococcus aureus

If you don't want to purchase your oils from an MLM company such as Young Living or doTerra directly, you can purchase these blends from a distributor directly or a wellness center such as Wonders Wellness OR you can make your own home-made version of Thieves with the following recipe by purchasing the single oils from a company like Mountain Rose Herb or Ananda Apothecary at whole sale prices.

Homemade Recipe for Germ Fighting Blend


20 drops clove oil
 15 drops lemon or orange
 10 drops cinnamon
 10 drops eucalyptus
 6 drops rosemary

Be sure to place your homemade blend in a glass bottle (the oils will eat through plastic - they are that powerful! You can purchase glass bottles here under containers tab. 

1 drop in 4 drops of a carrier oil such as jojoba, almond or fractionated coconut oil if you are going to apply this blend to bottoms of feet and NEVER use this blend on children under the age of 4! 

You can also mix 8 drops of this blend to 8 ounces of witch hazel in a GLASS spray bottle (available at this link under containers) for spraying into the air or on surfaces.

Here are 32 uses for Thieves, OnGuard or your Homemade blend

1.Apply one drop dilluted in 4 drops of carrier oil cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing. (never use on children under the age of 4)
 2. Take one drop mixed with 2 tablespoons of water, gargle to stop a sore throat.
 3. Apply  1 drop dilluted in 4 drops of carrier oil per foot on the soles of your feet to protect you from colds and flu.
 4.Use a diffuser in home/office to keep the germ count down.
 5. Add 8 drops to 8 ounces of white vinegar in a glass bottle to clean pet areas, creating a healthier environment for them.
 6. Add 1 drop to your dishwasher to really disinfect dishes and keep dishwasher from growing mildew.
 7. Add 1 drop to your laundry cycle.
 8. Add 8 drops to a bucket of water for cleaning floors.
 9. Mix with water to make a spray to repel insects on your plants.
 10. Use to dissolve the adhesive on price labels.
 11. Apply 1 drop to bee and wasp stings to neutralize the toxins and relieve pain (but not on children under 4)
 12. Add one drop to your toothpaste to help prevent and treat gum disease.
 13. Put one drop on the tip of your tongue to help you stop smoking.
 14. Apply 1 drop directly to a pimple to make them disappear over night.
 15. Rub on sore joints diluted in carrier oil to relieve arthritis pain.
 16. Mix with carrier oil and rub on daily for relief of shingles.
 17. Put a few drops in your carpet steamer to disinfect carpet.
 18. Breathe and apply for sinus headaches.
 19. Inhale for relief of allergy symptoms.
 20. Place 1 drop in the AC/Heat vents (comes in handy in a hotel!).
 21. Mix with baking soda to clean bathtubs, sinks and toilets
 22. Apply undiluted to fungus on toenails.
 23. Apply diluted with carrier oil to relieve the itch of poison ivy.
 24. Use a drop mixed with a bit of water to cut grease on kitchen counters and stovetops.
 25. Use to mop floors to clean and disinfect.
 26. Mix a few drops in 1 tsp of castile soap and 3 ounces of water to wash fruits and vegetables
 27. Put 1 drop inside your vacuum cleaner.
 28. 8 drops in a small box of baking soda - sprinkle on carpet before vacuuming.
 29. Use to clean school classrooms to cut down on student sickness.
 30. Add drop to hot water and soak off burned food in pots and pans.
 31. Add a drop to garbage cans to cut odor and disinfect.
 32. Use undiluted directly to surfaces to clean and kill mold on walls & floors.

Lynn office april 2013 editedI provide free classes and I provide essential oils and related products for sale at Wonders Wellness Center in Marietta, GA. I am also an affiliate partner for Mountain Rose Herbs and if you choose to purchase products from Mountain Rose I will receive a small commission which affords me the ability to provide free education on the subject of aromatherapy. For more information about classes, private sessions or purchasing oils please contact me directly at or 404-455-4805