green smoothie 3Yesterday I had a private consultation with Dr. Robert Goldman of Georgia Hormones, PC - a holistic medical practice dedicated to the evaluation and regulation of women's hormones specifically helpful to women in mid-life.

I had gone in a couple of weeks ago and had lots of blood drawn and tests run to see what might be going on in my body four years after my full hysterectomy and subsequent issues I've been having.

I also considered this part of my very dedicated and serious research into women's health and well-being over 40.

My personal results and issues aside, there was a lot of information I gained that I want to pass along to you. I'm going to be writing a lot of blogs about all I am learning with Dr. Goldman. Today's blog is going to be a shocker for many reading this.

Dr. Goldman explained that juicing and blending fruits, veggies and protein powders may very well be contributing to WEIGHT GAIN rather than health and weight loss. I was shocked.

According to Dr. Goldman, when we blend our nutrition (or - apparently worse - juice our produce) and drink it we are bypassing the very important first stop of digestion in the mouth which involves enzymes secreted there. Enzymes needed to begin the digestion process are only secreted in the mouth when we CHEW our food.

Dr. Goldman explained that the only liquid mammals are really intended to drink is our mother's milk when we are infants and then water. H2O only.

He went on to explain that if we consume a liquid form of our veggies and fruits with no chewing, not only do we miss out on the enzymes in the mouth but we also skip the part where the brain is signaled by the chewing to alert the stomach to start producing enzyme activity in preparation for the food that's headed that way.

So, according to this new information (new to me and probably to you) when we drink juices and smoothies it runs through to the intestines and the intestines doesn't know what do do with it other than pull out the glucose (sugar) for energy and allow any fiber that might be there to move on through to elimination.

What does this have to do with gaining weight?

For women over 40 in particular, too much glucose in the body translates to fat storage. As we age - unless you are a marathon runner - we tend to slow down. Our bodies are not moving as much. Our metabolism is more sluggish. We simply can't metabolize sugars the way we did as kids.

I've been juicing and blending for 15 years! And honestly I don't think we have to throw the baby out with this bathwater.

Juicing GREEN VEGETABLES without the fruits can still be a way of infusing the body with a lot of oxygenating benefits of chlorophyll and other helpful vitamins and minerals. It won't taste as good but we're not doing this for the taste.

Blending greens with an apple skin and all in your Vitamix with a scoop of pea protein powder or brown rice protein can still be a very health breakfast option. BUT... here's the helpful additional info for you: CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIE.

Yes. You read that right. CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIE.

Make sure your smoothie is chock-full of fibrous greens and high fiber apple skin and all (or a handful of blue berries). Take time to taste and move your smoothie around in your mouth and observe a chewing motion. Give your mouth and brain and stomach a chance to start producing the needed enzymes to digest your nutrients.

You also might consider adding in a high quality digestive enzyme just before consuming your smoothie and all your meals. Consult your holistic health care practitioner for guidance on enzyme therapy.

None of the information or statements in this article are intended to treat or cure disease or disorder of any kind. You should always consult with your own licensed health care practitioner for advice on medical and health related information.