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In my journey to better health and wellness in my own life, I have discovered amazing companies that offer the highest quality products for those seeking a holistic lifestyle. I love these companies so much that I partnered with them to share what they are doing for humanity and our planet. The links on this page are affiliate links. If you click and purchase using these links, I will receive a small commission, which helps fund my ability to continue providing free wellness resources and support.

The finest health products at Honey Colony

These are very high quality holistic products with the highest of standards that aim to honor our planet, humanity, with a business who prides itself on honesty and fair-trade practice.

I love this company because they empower YOU to be your own advocate for health and wellness. HoneyColony believes in bringing together people who truly want healthy lifestyles with products that are truly natural and supportive of your wellness. This company consults with leading health experts and gathers community wisdom to vet out what products actually work to promote your best health.

HoneyColony works with only the best companies who uphold high-quality standards that value planet, humanity, honesty, and fair-trade practices in order to hand-select brands and products that refuse to compromise excellence for profit.

Start Feeling Better Today

I am very excited to have discovered a company that utilizes a combination of pure essential oils along with all natural oils from seeds along with homeopathic ingredients to promote healing of the skin.

Healing Natural Oils provides only the best natural products, all ethically produced using high quality, all natural ingredients. The formulas have been tested and received only positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers. The company maintains high standards and conducts ongoing research.

  • All products are made in America - this is important to assure quality!
  • No pesticides, herbicides or any synthetic chemicals! These products are pure. All natural.
  • No animal testing! And 100% free of animal products
  • Environmentally friendly glass container, simple, basic packaging.

One thing I really love about this particular company is that they support many charitable causes, believing in supporting the health and balance of our planet and the people living here.

Starwest Bontanicals

Organic Herbs and Essential Oils

After starting off as one small retail store in Sacramento, California in 1975, Starwest Botanicals is now one of the largest suppliers of organic herbs in the USA.

I love this company because they believe in offering the best value on the highest quality herbs, spices, teas and essential oils. Starwest Botanicals directly sources all products from all over the planet, then processes them in-house. This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy high quality herbs and spices from a company that you can trust.

Art of Tea

Art of Tea Organic Teas

Art of Tea is an importer and wholesale seller based out of Los Angeles, California. This company hand blends and custom crafts the finest organic teas and plants from all over the world. These teas are particularly selected directly from growers and each tea has a story of its own.

The Art of Tea first came about in 1996 when the owner launched a journey of study in preventative medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Since that time, Art of Tea has become a leading source of organic and specialty loose leaf and bagged teas, iced teas and tea ware. Every year the company owner travels world wide, discovering the most unique teas from all over the world to make them available for you and me.

Moonleap Meditation Cushions

Many of my clients choose to establish a daily meditation practice as part of their wellness journey. The trouble is sitting can be uncomfortable without the right meditation cushion.

After 25 years of seated meditation practice and issues of discomfort during sitting, I have discovered the meditation cushion that eliminates all the discomfort and supports my body so that sitting for longer periods of time is now easy and comfortable.

Moonleap cushions are specially designed to tilt the pelvis forward which eliminates pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pressure on the sciatic never is what often causes your legs to "fall asleep" when sitting on other meditation cushions. This design naturally shifts your weight more evenly, relieving discomfort that occurs when the pelvic bones compress sensitive spots in the buttocks. meditation cushion

The filling is made of organic spelt husks - much like buckwheat husk filling used in other cushions. The spelt filling shifts in order to assist in distributing your weight evenly. Cushions are covered in high quality, heavy weight woven fabric and come in a variety of colors.

So Well Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Experience quality, fair trade Himalayan Salt Lamps from ancient salt crystal that are created by artisans from Pakistan.

As these salt lamps absorb moisture and particles from the air, they also take positive ions with them. As the heated salt releases cleansed vapor back into the air, it expels negative ions cleansing the air we are breathing.

Because it is reported that salt lamps remove microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mold, mildew and the like from the surrounding air, placing a lamp or two in the rooms where you spend the most time may seriously cut back on allergy symptoms. Even people who suffer from asthma may notice a significant improvement after a week or two.

Each So Well Salt Light is one of a kind, with unique striations of color, natural fissures and natural beauty.

The images shown on the site are to demonstrate the general “shape” and quality of these lamps. Yours will be unique to you.

So Well has been designing and importing authentic and rare salt crystal since 2004 and they offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

Yoga is often misunderstood in our society. Some people see yoga only as an exercise class to increase flexibility and strength. Some see yoga as some kind of mystical religious practice. These assumptions are greatly missing the true understanding of all that yoga is and how it can help people in ways that change their lives.

I utilize yoga for myself and for my clients as a means for clients and students to learn how to decrease physiological and mental stress symptoms and find greater balance in body and mind.

Yoga helps us find balance and create equanimity so we can live with a greater sense of peace, acceptance of what is, good health and harmony with what is around us in daily life.  The true essence of yoga is not about getting your body into pretzel postures. The true essence of yoga is about training your mind, body and breath to come together in alignment.

Yoga combined with meditation can bring profound relief to both physical and mental discomforts when practiced regularly. is an online yoga studio that offers digital yoga classes, meditations and other fitness workouts which you can play on your iPod, iPad or other mobile device, CD or DVD player, or computer. These classes come in several formats for you to choose from, and you can download them straight from our website to your computer (making them yours to keep forever and use as many times as you'd like), or simply choose to stream (play) the classes right on your computer screen.

Just click below and it will take you to Yoga Download where you will find hundreds of yoga classes of all levels at very low prices.